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In cities where there is always rush and hustle-bustle, wrong fueling mistakes become undeniable. Hence, if you made the mistake of putting petrol in diesel or vice versa, AdBlue in the fuel tank or unleaded in diesel in East London, stop and call Auto Fuel Doctor.


Either it’s noon or midnight, and you have falsely filled your vehicle with petrol instead of diesel? Incorrect fuel in your car and broken down in East London? People usually got terrified if this is occurring the first time with them. Most of our clients have put the petrol in diesel in a hurry to get home or office. 

Are you already behind schedule due to the panic situation of putting Diesel in Petrol? A new driver mostly makes that mistake, and we understand how it feels if you break your car unexpectedly. Call us for your help! We always try to be professional, timely, and trusted to take you out of all misfuel circumstances.

If you have just made the mistake of adding Adblue to your vehicle’s fuel Diesel, pull over and give us a call. We can deal with the wrong fuel mix. Even if you require some guidance, we will provide you the right direction over the telephone. We can cope with any car, any model, any time for wrong fuel drain services in East London. 

If you are in a rush and have an occupied routine, it becomes self-evident to make a mistake of wrong fuel like Unleaded in Diesel; if so, you can call us for immediate assistance in East London. Our team in your area will provide you with the best service and take out of danger as soon as possible.

Put the wrong fuel in your car?

East London is the most essential and informally defined part of London. By most interpretations, it is East of the ancient City of London and North of the River Thames. Whether you are driving a car, a van you go, or a truck you ride, in a crowded city like London, Fuel fiascos are fairly common. However, with Auto fuel Doctor, you can wave off all your worries. We are a team of fully equipped and thoroughly skilled professionals offering exceptional service at unbeatable prices.

Fuel Services

If you have been facing a wrong fuelling problem, Auto Fuel Doctor will assist you with timely recovery and with reliable service.


Contaminated fluid can cause severe damage to your engine components. Hence, after the removal of the wrong fuel, our specialists will install 5-10 liters of fresh fuel.

Fuel Disposal

Are you in need of a Fuel Disposal service? Stop, Call Auto Fuel Doctor; we will provide you the best service anytime, anywhere.


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We will Fix Your Vehicle While you Wait!